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Niels Lan Doky is the Knight of Jazz: Telling the stories of the music and his journey to becoming a global icon of the genre.

A generation younger than artists like Keith Jarrett and Pat Metheny, pianist/composer Niels Lan Doky is one of the most acclaimed and prolific jazz artists of his time. He has released over 40 albums, has collaborated with the greatest artists in jazz and has won countless awards and accolades around the world. When he released his debut album in 1986 an American Jazz Journalist wrote: “There is nothing more encouraging and satisfying than to encounter for the first time a young Jazz musician of real stature, someone who can make you feel that the future of the music is in good hands. There can not be the slightest doubt that Doky’s talent is of real significance ‐ that rare thing in the Jazz of our time, an original voice in the great tradition”.

Since then, Niels Lan Doky has had one of the most extensive and unusual careers ever seen in music, which ‐ aside from performing, arranging, composing and producing music ‐ also has included work as a film director, author, venue owner, speaker and more. He was Knighted by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in 2010 and has appeared on bestseller lists in Europe and Asia. He has lived in Boston, New York, Paris and London before returning to his hometown of Copenhagen in 2013, where he gave the TEDx Talk “How Jazz Wisdom Will Change Your Life” in 2016. Truly a global cosmopolitan, he has performed for many prominent world figures including Pope Jean Paul II, actor Roger Moore, French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, HRH the Prince Henrik of Denmark, and many others. Today, Niels continues to celebrate the past, present and future of Jazz as a musician and as the founder of the Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective.


Through the Years


A deeply detailed story of the evolution of the music and the person coming soon…

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COPENHAGEN (1962-1981) | BOSTON (1981-1984) | NEW YORK (1984-1989) | PARIS (1989-2013) | COPENHAGEN (2013-PRESENT)


Niels Lan Doky’s Side Projects



In 2017, Niels felt he needed to begin to pave the way for a legacy in the Jazz Scene in Denmark. Following his years of playing around the world and recent success with The Standard Jazz Club in Copenhagen, he had built relationships with some of the best players, old and new, that were looking for a communal belonging grounded in the values and beliefs of Jazz that Niels has spent so much of his life protecting. With that, the Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective was established as an association of prolific musicians from three different continents (Europe, North America and South America) - devoted to presenting exclusive jazz performances of the highest order. Since 2017, the IJC has produced a more than 75 events at iconic venues like the National Museum of Denmark and Nørrebro Teater, located in the capital of Copenhagen.




In 2010, Niels was honorably asked to re-establish the legendary Montmartre Jazzhus as an iconic venue in his home of Copenhagen. Commuting back and forth between Paris, Niels helped re-open the club, created a clear booking direction and set the venue on a path to achieve their goal, despite having no stake in the future of the club. With this success, friend and entrepreneur, Claus Meyer (Founder of the world famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen), approached Niels about collaboratively opening a jazz club that was at the intersection of Danish Jazz Heritage and New Nordic Cuisine. From this friendship and proposition, Niels moved back to Copenhagen in 2013 and The Standard Jazz Club was born. Running until Jan 2017, the venue featured marquee performance runs from legendary acts 300 nights a year.


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Niels’ was asked in 2016 to participate in the TEDx Conference and produced the speech “How Jazz Wisdom Will Change Your Life.”

Since then, Niels has been asked to speak and perform at various public and corporate engagements as an artist, a philosopher and a visionary to Jazz and improvisational learnings applied to life. Notable engagements have included the 2018 Folkemødet Conference on Bornholm for QVARTZ consulting as well as an Innovation Conference on behalf of Coloplast.




Any conversation is a form of jazz. It is done in a language that everyone understands. One says something that causes the other to respond, which in turn causes others to react with new contributions to the conversation. And although the subject is fixed, one can easily end up somewhere else, get a new revelation and forget about the time. It is a creative process where you balance knowledge, initiative, collaboration, resistance, provocation - conversation is improvisation. For this reason, Niels authored the book “Improvisation: In Music, In Work and at Home” (2015) - currently available only in Danish language e-book and audiobook.

Niels has also written the book “Jazz Transcription: Developing Jazz Improvisational Skills Through Solo Transcription and Analysis” (1992)