Niels Lan Doky’s Album "Improvisation on Life" To Be Released Worldwide on July 26th

July 19, 2019 - Niels Lan Doky continues his quest as the Knight of Jazz; telling the stories of the music and his journey to becoming a global icon of the genre. 

Originally released in 2017 as an exclusive to Japan, Korea and Taiwan, Niels Lan Doky's "Improvisation on Life" will be made available to his global fanbase and those still yet to discover his legendary catalog on July 26th, 2019. The album features Niclas Bardeleben on Drums and Tobias Dall on Bass with Debbie Sledge (of Sister Sledge) on Vocals for “Kiss” and Amanda Thomsen on Vocals for “Kærlighed og Krig” (Love and War).

Over the years, Lan Doky has come to realize that the way jazz improvisation works is identical to the way life spontaneously unfolds in the world. "Life itself is really the ultimate improvisation and that realization has given me a new perspective on life and the purpose of music. Everyone can learn something from jazz improvisation and vice versa - jazz improvisers can get inspiration from observing the world and collective spontaneous interaction of any kind."

Niels Lan Doky - Improvisation on Life Cover (Smaller).jpeg

Niels shares that he has always had a great passion for performing and improvising on his own original music as it is a constant and ongoing way to comment on and share his own experience of life and the world. However, he has also always had a great passion for creating jazz arrangements out of contemporary pop songs. "It's a way for me to comment on other people's shared life experiences. Thus the act of creating music becomes a dialog. I tell you how I feel (and you are free to comment) and I comment on how you feel." 

On this album "Improvisation On Life," Lan Doky offers the fans a selection of both: half of the album are his original compositions and the other half are his arrangements of contemporary songs that the audience most certainly knows very well - just not this way. All are just stories told through the language of music. To the listener, Niels comments "I hope this music will inspire a new perspective as you continue your own Improvisation On Life."

On release day, Niels will play a co-headline performance with his Trio at San Javier International Jazz Festival in Spain alongside Maceo Parker. The set will showcase multiple songs from the new album and will be broadcast both live (taped delay) and on demand with Spanish national coverage by TVE (Televisión Española) and regional coverage by 7 TV Region de Murcia as well as national coverage by Radio 3 (Radio Nacional de España). On Demand Video of the Performance will be made available following the broadcasts in the "a la carta" sections of National Spanish TV Station, Televisión Española, and National Radio Station, Radio 3 (Radio Nacional de España), as well as San Javier International Jazz Festival Website. 

The Album Will be available on all major Streaming Platforms as of July 26.

For more information, promo requests, to request a promotional download of the album, of the or to arrange an interview, contact: 

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