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Photo credits: Ole Dan Jørgensen

Welcome to the

Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective

We are thrilled to welcome you to a jazz club unlike any other on the planet. With its innovative mode of operation, you will be able to experience intimate jazz performances on the highest international level and projects that will be curated, produced and conceived especially and exclusively for the NLD IJC. Our productions consist mostly of long term engagements and will have characteristics similar to theatre productions, except that our “cast” will be our musicians and our “script” will be the music programme.

Since its American origins, jazz has evolved to become a truly international art form and Copenhagen has one of the most vibrant jazz scenes to be found anywhere in the world today. At the NLD IJC we will be offering you an exciting selection of some of our top favorite local, regional and international jazz artists, often in unique combinations or performing music that you will not hear them perform elsewhere. We are very focused on not only the quality of the music that will emanate from our stages but also on the consistency of this quality.
We want you to be able to come to NLD IJC at any given time and never doubt the quality of what you will hear. We are constantly associating ourselves with great musicians who help us raise the bar, in terms of both the intellectual as well as emotional impact felt when attending a jazz performance.

Jazz is about improvisation and the art of being in the moment. Life itself is the ultimate improvisation, and that may be part of the reason why jazz, against all odds, has become such an enduring and constantly expanding art form. It is simply a constant reflection of life itself. We hereby invite you to join us on a musical journey and will look forward to sharing many magical moments with you at the Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective.

Sincerely yours,


Niels Lan Doky, Music Director & Founder 

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